Manufacturing Review - Forthcoming

  • Microstructure-Sensitive Flow Stress Modeling for Force Prediction in Laser assisted Milling of Inconel 718
    Zhipeng Pan, Yixuan Feng, Yu-Ting Lu, Yu-Fu Lin, Tsung-Pin Hung, Fu-Chuan Hsu, Chiu-Feng Lin, Ying-Cheng Lu and Steven Liang
    Accepted: 21/04/2017
  • Material Microstructure Affected Machining: A Review
    Zhipeng Pan, Yixuan Feng and Steven Liang
    Accepted: 06/04/2017
  • A comparison study on different NDT techniques used for testing bond quality in cold roll bonded AlSn alloy/steel bimetal strips
    Philipp Johannes Tallafuss, Andrzej Rosochowski and Sylvia Campbell
    Accepted: 11/03/2017