Article Processing Charges

Articles published in the EDP Open journals are freely and widely available to all readers via the Internet and so, with great visibility.

To cover publication costs EDP Open journals charge a publication fee (Article Publication Charges - APC), usually paid by the authors or by their institutions/funders.

EDP Sciences supports the transition to Open Access for many of its publications. In this context and to allow to authors without institutional funding accessing our peer-reviewed Open Access journals, EDP Sciences proposes the Liberty APC, a model of “Pay What You Want”, for the publication of accepted articles in the Manufacturing Review.

This means that each author is invited to fix his/her own level of Article Processing Charges (APCs) based on his/her individual situation regarding funding for his/her research and publications and other financial circumstances. This choice is made during the submission stage. Please note that APCs are not considered as submission fees and therefore will be invoiced after acceptation of the articles. The author of an accepted article is invited to select from different amounts the APC he is willing to be invoiced. After selecting his/her amount, the author will receive the corresponding invoice for publication of the accepted article.

Manufacturing Review has introduced this model in 2016.

Choosing an amount of 0€ is allowed in 2017. However choosing an APC above this amount will be a clear statement by the author to support:

  • the dissemination of science as widely as possible through open access publishing,
  • Manufacturing Review by providing a platform for disseminating knowledge on the advances, developments and applications of manufacturing engineering, technology and applied sciences.

A prestigious Editorial Board is heading the Manufacturing Review, carrying out rigorous and independent peer review. Financial support for the journal is immediately used for maintaining and improving:

  • an up-to-date infrastructure for the article submission and evaluation process,
  • the publication of its content using various formats adapted to different reading habits,
  • tools for indexation and discoverability,
  • and establishing long-term content access and preservation,
  • global marketing and promotion of articles.

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Find the article-processing charges for EDP Sciences hybrid Open Access Journals at: Publication-charges.