Manufacturing Review - Forthcoming

  • Multi objective optimization of wear behaviour of Aluminum MMCs using
    Poovalingam Muthu
    Accepted: 18/03/2020
  • Fabrication of array of micro circular impressions using different electrolytes by maskless electrochemical micromachining
    Sandip Kunar
    Accepted: 17/03/2020
  • Deformation measurement within adhesive bonds of aluminium and CFRP using advanced fibre optic sensors
    Hinrich Grefe, Dennis Weiser, Maja Wanda Kandula and Klaus Dilger
    Accepted: 19/02/2020
  • Innovative hydraulic lime-based finishes with unconventional aggregates and TiO 2 for the improvement of Indoor Air Quality
    Chiara Giosuè, Alessandra Mobili, Barbara Citterio, Francesca Biavasco, Maria Letizia Ruello and Francesca Tittarelli
    Accepted: 12/02/2020