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Manufacturing Review editorial (April 2013)

As the Editor-in-Chief of Manufacturing Review, I am excited by the potential of this journal and also am aware of the many responsibilities that are involved in the holding of this post in order for the potential of the journal to be realised.

Manufacturing in general plays a significant part in the lives of all of us. Although many of us still are experiencing the economic recession, advances in manufacturing technology may be able to help in turning around the current situation. Indeed, we probably need another revolution in manufacturing if some of our present serious problems can be solved. It is not a surprise that many funding bodies and industries have now started to invest heavily in manufacturing research and innovation, although public funding in general has been cut in many places. Many potentially exciting outcomes can be seen from the current driving momentum in manufacturing research. At the same time, as a manufacturing research professional, I feel the same as many colleagues in this community: we all have a responsibility to maximise the impact of our research in order to ensure that the money spent on the research is well justified. In this sense, disseminating the knowledge and ideas generated from such funded research through an effective and efficient channel is especially important.

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Prof. Yi Qin
Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Manufacturing Review

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